A Taster – old skool

Greetings and salutations!

Hope you are all well.

I’ve recently been hard at work putting together the material for a new compilation of…stuff.

Also finished a little story I’d been tinkering with. Now on to editing a story about wizards so that I can finish the last portion of the tale.

This post is a taster of the material that will be in the new release.

(it’s unedited, and only part of it is in this post; don’t want to give the game away before we’ve barely begun, eh?)

It hails alllllll the way from 2010!

Yes, that’s right, 4 years ago.


Asian Mist.



Ouroboros – An Advert

Field Test Information Pamphlet/Miscellaneous Information

Product #: XRGY SN8KE

Study Type: Psychological screening

Item Specific Codename: OUROBOROS

Greetings and salutations from the Science Team! We hope that you fully enjoy the capabilities of the new model from the SN8KE series. Cutting edge bio-engineering has fused with new cyber-augmentation techniques to provide a symbiotic form of boosting brain power, without the mess and fuss of previous installations. This new model has a comprehensive and fully automatic ‘boot-up’ mode that allows it to painlessly and effortlessly integrate with the host user in the least invasive way possible: a convenient nasal spray.

The technology is relatively old in military history, but has yielded significant advances in recent times: Nano-technology. Microscopic S.M.A.R.T. (Smart Motor-powered Autonomous R.N.A. Tank) Modules flow into the bloodstream and gather at the base of the brain stem, where they then discharge their payload of protein strands and encoding sequences to build the symbiotic product, which is based around the brain stem itself, ensuring that the product is constantly able to interact with the brain and body. Once the building is completed, the S.M.A.R.T.’s (minus their modules) are excreted the next time the user sweats.

As we are sure you’re aware, there are approximately 25 of the XRGY SN8KE models currently undergoing field-testing for psychological trials. However, not all of the models are the same. Each group of five has somewhat different characteristics.

Group (a) Increases output of Noradrenaline to ensure the user is more patient, yet engaged with general tasks, whilst enhancing the user’s ability to think logically.

Group (b) Synthesizes a chemical similar to adrenaline that allows for greater control of the body by the mind, effectively allowing the body to be pushed further whilst in sync with the mind.

Group (c) Inhibits serotonin-re-uptake by a small percentage to help remove single-mindedness through relaxation, but is also partially powered through the brain’s interaction with abstraction, as opposed to logic.

Group (d) Interacts mostly with the reward pathways of the brain in a manner which enables the user to regard any task with the same level of consideration, and is partially powered by physical exercise and the endorphins which are released as a result.

Group (e) Interacts entirely with the creative tendencies, enhancing them as the user absorbs more information and strives to express themselves in art form. This model is partially powered by acts of artistic expression.

Inspiring Instances – a musing

“Gentlemens. Hwelcome! To the Helite Selling Crew!”
-The Razz Prince,
Phone Shop



“No Mrs. Paulson, I don’t know where your part is.
Yes Mrs. Paulson, I’m doing everything I can to find it.
Sorry madam, but your dishwasher is 30 years old and-

Sorry Mrs. Paulson, won’t call you ‘madam’ again.

What’s that?
Of course I care!

I’m very sorry you have an abscess in your ear but that doesn’t help us in finding t- “


(please imagine the remainder of this post being read aloud in a South African accent; I’ve been practising for a few months and like the sound of it)


A typical day taking sales calls as an agent for one the UK’s biggest spare parts retailers.

When I worked there, of course. The above is no exaggeration of a typical phone call.

I left there amidst many problematic meetings regarding fair treatment. I felt we were all being treated like slaved worker drones. They thought they were doing well by me.

Am I just naive about it?

Is what happened just typical of a business?

No. It isn’t.


I did a lot of work there, and dealt with a lot of stress.

But something else I did there was write poetry.

Lots of it.

Did I put people on hold just so I could finish a line…?




Before shift, during quiet periods (they were few), during calls while customers screamed at me, I scribbled.

I’d eat lunch while working so I had the whole half-hour (if you got back to your desk a minute late you were docked 15 minutes pay) to write poetry. Only did that when I was answering e-mails though. Food and call centres don’t mix well.

By the end of a year I had over 400 poems.

Why am I telling you this?


Aha! It’s because I am preparing to gather and edit some of those poems, preparatory to publishing another volume on Kindle Direct Publishing.

Considering editing and adding some of my short stories, as well.

(if you read this blog/post, please do let me know if you think that would be good)

This will bring the total to a grand….2.


Why now, you may ask?

Why now instead of back then or earlier this year?

The answer is because I have been inspired by a fellow blogger’s releasing a book of their poetry today. She set herself the challenge of writing a poem a day for 365 days.

Check out her work here:

Charlotte Cuevas – Candy Pizza

I’ve bought the Kindle edition and will be having a read tomorrow;

going to the theatre tonight at the REP in Birmingham city centre, hence reading tomorrow.


And that’s it for now, ladies and gentlemen, fellow bloggers and general readers, etc.



Asian Mist.


Addled Addiction – a musing

“‘What is it? What does it do?’

‘It’s all natural. It’s made from, uh, aquatic Brazilian centipede. Or some such outlandish thing…

The powder becomes irrelevant to the addict and then the addict ceases to be addicted.’

‘Side effects?’

‘Nothing that will surprise the addict…'”


-from Naked Lunch,

by David Cronenberg, novel by William Burroughs



Nothing that will surprise the addict, eh?

Isn’t that the truth…

Day 15 of quitting cigarettes.




Teeth grinding in the nocturnal hours.

Dreams of golden bathrooms and blind cats.

The good Doctor Benway is correct indeed.

With the help of e-cigs I have managed to get this far.

I now want a cigarette, though. Before, when I began (and it was a surprise to find that the vaporized nicotine helped so much) I did not want a cigarette at all. Now, as two weeks have gone by, I crave one. The main thing stopping me is the remembrance of how dirty smoking felt, a few days before the end of last month.

Tar, oily lips, shortness of breath, light headedness, wholly unlike the pleasure I got when I smoked before.

So I’ve gotten very interested and involved in all of the different options available in electronic cigarettes. It’s a distraction. Distractions help. So do flavours.

Received a Variable Voltage e-cig on Friday. It’s purple!! :D

Being able to change the power output makes a hell of a difference.

I still want a cigarette though.

Or do I?

Having smoked for a little over 7 years up till now, I am able to comprehend that it is not I that wants to smoke. It is the neural pathways, the body and brain receptors shrieking out for their crutch, used to the multitudinous effects of strong tobacco smoke that crave it, and still have their imprint on me.

So yes, the symptoms are never going to be anything that will surprise the addict.

To end this musing post on addiction, here is another quote (paraphrased as I am unable to find it) from the same film, based on the book by that crazy hip beat cat, William Burroughs:

‘I fear I have become addicted to an imaginary drug.

And now my supply is running out…’

Peace to you one and all.

Asian Mist.


Liberty Dreaming – a poem

Moonflashes over diamonds cut

In unsettled twilight times

Shine oddly when exposed

To the right sounds in rhyme.

Strangely coloured sheens

Stand out oily in the water supply,

Legions of alien colours populating

Our drink and our wells,

So heavy, ruined unduly.

Threat level raised to severe

Against an invisible enemy,

That paranoia run rampant

In identification of accents

And the tell-tale signs

Of war cast off accidents.

Things brew over and beyond the mists

Of distance in wider places

Than we may yet know of,

Fog covering the threats

Apparently ready to approach,

Here already and waiting

For their chance to encroach

On our liberty dreaming.

A Shocking Cessation – a musing

I greet you, one and/or all.

As ever, I hope that all is well.

This post concerns a lifestyle change. The last poem I posted here was (and you get 10 points to spend at the funfair if you know the answer!!) about smoking. I have quit, at a time when I never thought such would be possible. Seriously, I felt the slowdown of how many years I’d been inhaling and was in the process of cutting down from 6 to 4 a day, a difficult thing by itself, and then… HA!

My cousin recommended to me an e-cigarette. Now, I’ve already got three of them, the ones that look like cigarettes. Didn’t really believe her when she said another would help. I am happy to be wrong. So this week on Tuesday I met her after work in the south of the city and we travelled to the northern area of the city centre.

The shop was inside of a garage and the staff were extremely helpful. To put it mildly, I ask a lot of questions when making particular purchases. They bore my queries and concerns with good humour and we left after I made a massive purchase totalling £76.22.

I will not be buying tobacco for the rest of this month, probably a lot longer than that even.


So I bought two, just in case. That very same day, Tuesday, in the evening, I realised after puffing for a while on the e-cig that I had no desire for a real cigarette. It felt great. But then I started wondering just how many cigarettes I’d had since I began smoking tobacco. The previously mentioned poem concerns the horror I felt at that moment. The initial figure was about 10 000, which is where the title came from. Then I understood that my calculations were incorrect, and the minimum possible figure was actually 21 900. Now I remember that I’ve been smoking for longer than 5 and a half years. The actual number is roughly about 7.5 years. Of course, the number of cigarettes has jumped up to 100 000+.


And that’s still a very conservative number, based on 5 a day. I didn’t smoke 5 a day for years, that was only something happening in the past two. The horror!!!

One of the main times I smoke is while writing. Despite the lack of desire for a cigarette on Tuesday I still thought I’d find it difficult to use the e-cig when writing on Wednesday morning. I was wrong. I feel free now and can draw breath much easier. The e-cig on the left differs from the right in that it is a cartridge system, while the other is a tank. The tank is much heavier, and so unsuitable to hold whilst typing away. Lightweight and easy to handle, the left e-cig is ideal to puff away on during writing.


So, in conclusion, to anyone who thinks they cannot quit, I would highly recommend one of these. Totally Wicked will sort you out, right and proper. If you don’t want to order online, check out a local retailer.

To all and sundry, smokers and non, I hope that this has been of help.

I know it has been to me.



Asian Mist.


A Slim Ten Thousand – a poem

Standard estimates place 5.5

Years all told, to be safe,

Maybe a bit more over life

And it’s various twists, turns,

The midnight’s hours of witch time

Running candles through long runs.

The mathematics begin,

Numbers rush forth filmy

Like synapse strands;

365 days per year on average,

12 months passing par

Each cycle turning round,

So let’s say 5.5 years passed.

Add up the average estimate

Of conservative figures

Based on notions considerate,

And we reach the numbered figure,

365 by 12 for the days,

and 4380 by 5 daily fries

Up to 21900.

The horror! The horror!

This horror stirs only now

In after-sight’s hind behind furore.

Storms rose and settled with each one,

So many rolls and many more burnt,

The number 5 per day a minimum

Where 10 might be better

As an estimate fetter,

But hope lies ahead

To cut the numbers down

And form a fragrant bed.