Softly Falls the Hammer – a poem

Softly falls the hammer blow,

Like unto

The jaws of crocodile mind

Which snap shut down

So fastly.

Laudanistic reveries teach

Us of the importance in constancy

And dangers in over-reaching

To try and stretch

Past limits.

Paradox in paradigm

Draws comparison apparent outside

Of natural law, of Time,

Away from Kronos’ rule,

Yet never beyond his immortal school.

How Pain Can Change a Person – a poem

Tis a strange thing

How pain can change a person,

Our old resolutions

Stood up and shown

To be straw men

Of hollow sounds.

In light of agony we muse

Very differently

On what we took before

For granted diligently,

As if reason and facts

Were all hunky dorey.

By way of beams

In the self and sanity,

Cracking and splintered,

We can see what we were

And the folly that powered

It thusly.

Becoming a Coffee Drinker Once More – a musing

Greetings one and all!

I hope that you all fare well in your lives and various projects.

I’ve been busy these last few weeks.

Three weeks ago I was rushing to finish my tale of wizarding Triad-like adventures, and I thankfully managed that. Why was I rushing, you may ask? The reason was due to the fact that I was going to be attending an elder cousin’s wedding in London on the weekend. So come Friday morning I was typing furiously and managed to cap the tale off. It may have a sequel, there’s certainly the scope for it, but I needed to finish it because I was starting a new job straight after the wedding.

No time to normalise or take stock or do any of the usual things one would do before a new job. So for a week I typed and got my things ready, both for the wedding and the job.

Two weeks later I am very, very glad that I finished the novel. I do not have the time now, and my rusty hand joints mean that I am in too much pain to write any more than 3/4 nights a week come the evening. Weekend’s are different, but even now (on a Saturday afternoon) I find typing a bit of a trial.

I’m currently in training at a finance company. Would never have thought I’d end up in such a place. It’s good though. Primarily because, despite all of my work experiences, I lacked knowledge of the financial industry.




Explicit Consent and Letters of Authority.

All of these terms have become second nature for me to rattle off in the past fortnight, and I certainly have a better grasp of what finance means, and how to deal with it better in my own life.

I’ll be going bond and savings deal shopping with my first payslip.

That, and sending/giving gifts to all of those people who helped me, who stood by me, during the 14 months I spent unemployed. Sure, I was studying too, and got my TEFL teaching certificate, as well as writing like a nuclear powered story typing demon. Oh! Money will be going to the British Red Cross charity, as well.

It’s an Indian custom to use your first payslip to give out gifts.

The drinks machines at my new workplace are all free, and so I’ve begun drinking a *lot* more coffee. Between 3 to 5 cups a day. It’s not bad, and even for machine made coffee.

14 months is a long time to spend out of work, and it’s good to know that, although I am rusty, I can still perform to a good standard.

I’ll be posting a poem after this musing, just so you know I’ve still been busy writing; even if most of the work is in my head rather than on a page/screen. ;)

To all of the wonderful bloggers and readers/commenters who’ve been greatly supportive during the past year, you all have my heartfelt thanks, too. :)


Asian Mist.


Candy Pizza – a review

“…In the poppy field years of seduction by peace…”

there was a book.

A book writen by a blogger.

Called Candy Pizza, by Charlotte Cuevas.

This is a poetry collection about growing up, about living life.

Prepare for whimsical moments, and lines of poetry that will catch you unawares but happy to be caught nonetheless.

Do you “…ponder… these awful clouds- whether tiny explosions on the sun could’ve caused such rain…”?

The author wonders so, and now I do, too.

The collection is at times inspiring, melodious, wondrous and yet troubling for the thoughts that it evokes.

Is growing up fun?

Not always, but being a kid and wondering why you can’t eat dessert before dinner is priceless.

A great debut poetry collection that surprises and amazes.

In short:

“…   There are things which cannot be written…”

…but you can damn well try!

You can get the Kindle edition here:

Her blog you can find here:

Highly recommend both.


Asian Mist.


Journey Over Destination – a poem

High fizz, high volts

Make bubbles in the nose

From carbonated plunk

Bubbling up aneurysms

In the brain

All super high octane

Dimension cerebral spatter

On the interior skull walls

Of two years ago


Vodka talks and high grade

Connotations past midnight

In single southern oven-less environs

That have yet not faded

From memory

Though such recollection

Is a path of damnation.

Journey over destination

An old people’s Aesop faded


Barely heard by young ears

Of brash mind

And few failing fears

Seen soothingly may fully

In yearly mirrored


Become the mantra

Over forgotten banter

And gasping


A Taster – old skool

Greetings and salutations!

Hope you are all well.

I’ve recently been hard at work putting together the material for a new compilation of…stuff.

Also finished a little story I’d been tinkering with. Now on to editing a story about wizards so that I can finish the last portion of the tale.

This post is a taster of the material that will be in the new release.

(it’s unedited, and only part of it is in this post; don’t want to give the game away before we’ve barely begun, eh?)

It hails alllllll the way from 2010!

Yes, that’s right, 4 years ago.


Asian Mist.



Ouroboros – An Advert

Field Test Information Pamphlet/Miscellaneous Information

Product #: XRGY SN8KE

Study Type: Psychological screening

Item Specific Codename: OUROBOROS

Greetings and salutations from the Science Team! We hope that you fully enjoy the capabilities of the new model from the SN8KE series. Cutting edge bio-engineering has fused with new cyber-augmentation techniques to provide a symbiotic form of boosting brain power, without the mess and fuss of previous installations. This new model has a comprehensive and fully automatic ‘boot-up’ mode that allows it to painlessly and effortlessly integrate with the host user in the least invasive way possible: a convenient nasal spray.

The technology is relatively old in military history, but has yielded significant advances in recent times: Nano-technology. Microscopic S.M.A.R.T. (Smart Motor-powered Autonomous R.N.A. Tank) Modules flow into the bloodstream and gather at the base of the brain stem, where they then discharge their payload of protein strands and encoding sequences to build the symbiotic product, which is based around the brain stem itself, ensuring that the product is constantly able to interact with the brain and body. Once the building is completed, the S.M.A.R.T.’s (minus their modules) are excreted the next time the user sweats.

As we are sure you’re aware, there are approximately 25 of the XRGY SN8KE models currently undergoing field-testing for psychological trials. However, not all of the models are the same. Each group of five has somewhat different characteristics.

Group (a) Increases output of Noradrenaline to ensure the user is more patient, yet engaged with general tasks, whilst enhancing the user’s ability to think logically.

Group (b) Synthesizes a chemical similar to adrenaline that allows for greater control of the body by the mind, effectively allowing the body to be pushed further whilst in sync with the mind.

Group (c) Inhibits serotonin-re-uptake by a small percentage to help remove single-mindedness through relaxation, but is also partially powered through the brain’s interaction with abstraction, as opposed to logic.

Group (d) Interacts mostly with the reward pathways of the brain in a manner which enables the user to regard any task with the same level of consideration, and is partially powered by physical exercise and the endorphins which are released as a result.

Group (e) Interacts entirely with the creative tendencies, enhancing them as the user absorbs more information and strives to express themselves in art form. This model is partially powered by acts of artistic expression.